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Gas Prices

The Government did absolutly nothing to the speculators last time. So it was inevidable that they would do it again.

There is no crisis or drop in the oil supply to justify the rise in prices. This means they are raising them just to make money from the suckers one more time.

The Republicans who want smaller Government think we should just let these people rip us off every year or so by raising prices, and the Government to just let them do it. Yet out of the other side of their mouths they say Governments job is to protect us. Protecting us means protecting us from the unscrupulous, the rip off artists, and the crooks just as much as it does the Terrorists.

When Dick Cheney said they kept us safe. He didn’t mention that they failed to act on the speculators on the oil prices, failed to act on the rip offs of Wall Street, failed to hold contractors to account, failed to catch the Bernie Madoffs until it was to late. So they didn’t keep us safe, but left us open to be taken to the cleaners by everybody. Much of this cost us more, and was more damaging to life and limb in this country than a Terrorist attack.

All that aside I have been warning people that some kind of oil crisis, even if it’s just much higher prices were going to hit. In answer people more or less put off what I was saying, as if it couldn’t happen here.

Guess what? Republicans and Democrats are going to be paying those high prices and hurt by them much the same.

The people now bitching about the possible offshore drilling will I’m sure keep bitching while paying those high prices.

If You think the Recession is bad now, and prices are also bad now, wait and see what all that will be at four or five dollar gas.

Good Government, not size matters. Good Government would protect us from the speculators, and not manage but control those who would just raise prices just to make enormous profits at the cost of Country and People.

The American People will someday wake up. They became up in arms over healthcare, but let the last run up in gas prices just slide. They didn’t even bother to badger their Representatives about the speculators the last time, and just ate the high prices.

Maybe this time with the Recession they won’t be quite so quiet when the prices start to eat into their way of living.

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