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GOP Congressional Candidate Courts Tea Party with Anti-Government Rhetoric, Receives $200,000 Annually in Government Handouts

Steve Benen highlights yet another example of KEEP YOUR GUBMINT HANDS OFF MY GUBMINT WELFARE syndrome.

But for one important detail, Stephen Fincher could be a perfect “tea party” candidate: a gospel-singing cotton farmer from this tiny hamlet in western Tennessee, seeking to right the listing ship of Washington with a commitment to lower taxes and smaller government.

The detail? Fincher accepts roughly $200,000 in farm subsidies each year.

That’s right, just like Michele Bachmann. And really, this is perfectly consistent with the way most Teabaggers think.

Fincher says he wants to “fight government encroachment in our lives” and opposes “any attempt to increase government intervention in our health care” and thinks that the solution to all our problems is “the free market.”

But that $200 grand he gets every year from the gubmint? He’ll keep that, thanks very much.

And the rubes are lapping it up.

“He is for the Constitution,” said Lucy Overstreet, an organizer with the Jackson Madison County TEA Party who is supporting Fincher. “He is for getting the budget balanced. He does not want this health care. He is right in line with the views we are holding true to.”

Nance, of the Gibson County Patriots, said, “I don’t see the agricultural subsidy thing as an issue at all…”

Notes Benen,

For the right-wing crowd, subsidies for 32 million Americans with no health insurance is outrageous, but subsidies for conservative farmers is not an issue “at all.”

Of course not. IOKIYAR.

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