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Brian Schweitzer (MT-Gov) Is Not All That

There was a recent post regarding Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s request to HHS for a waiver and allowance of reimportation of drugs from Canada for all health care administered by the State (Medicaid, Healthy Montana Kids, the correctional system). All well and good.

But…and it’s a large but:

The Schweitzer administration recently sold coal-mining rights to a piece of land called Otter Creek. This land is supposedly held in trust for the Education Department. The sale included a sub-par asking price – 15/unit rather than the going rate of 25/unit – because the land is actually in a checkerboard pattern which makes it very difficult to mine. They couldn’t get anyone to bid on the thing at the normal price.

This area borders the Crow Nation, and is interspersed with a lot of private and railroad owned lands. The Crow Nation opposed this deal. The land-owners opposed this deal. Our Secretary of Education opposed this deal. Environmentalists and others opposed this deal. It’s a bad idea on many fronts including that a railroad line will need to be built across private lands (using the public condemnation process) in order to get the coal to customers.

Oh well.

And this whole mess has led to a new outrage. Many of the grants of money from the "Stimulus" are administered by the State. Schweitzer has just let the organizations and agencies who are supposed to be getting this money that they must write a letter in support of the Otter Creek sale or he will not release the money to them.

Talk about blackmail.

So…lesson here is always look under the hood at all the moving parts before jumping on what may look like your favorite bandwagon.

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