The unions of today are not your grandfather’s unions. Gone are the days of striking when they were faced with a half measure. Today they emulate the very entities they should be fighting, big businesses.

Let us start with healthcare. Where Richard Trumka and Andy Stern swore they would never endorse a plan without a public option. Only months later we had the unions not only going back on their word, but actively fighting those of us who tried to stay real in this debate.

The SEIU sent people to protest against those of us who still wanted single payer.

How is that an ally?

And this isn’t a blog site like us or Kos. These are unions, the supposed core and soul of the Democratic party not only refusing to stand their ground, but actively endorsing something that betrays the party platform in abortion.

Unions, who when you bring up Citizens United to the people over at reason (I like to argue with the Libertarians), they claim Unions are the counter balance to big corporations. Well if they’re the money behind the left, the left needs to find a new source of money right now.

But it’s not just the betrayals, they’re actively becomming just as corrupt as big business. I direct you to this article over at socialist worker.

What’s this?!? Lying to intimidate a smaller union? Strong arming their membership out because you’re trying to sell them out and they don’t like it? Is this SEIU or Citibank?!?

What this shows is that the last excuse Union apologists had left, that they’re democratic organizations and that if the leaders are wrong they’ll get voted out, is bunk. Leadership in these organizations, just like it is in Washington is now all about who has the money, and who can keep the money flowing.

Worrying about their pesky members is a thing of the past.

So I state it again, the unions are no longer our allies in these fights. The sooner we stop trying to rely on them the better not just for our interests, but for our image.