callin' his shot

"They got what they paid for with this neoliberal health care bill. Ken Silverstein’s prescient 2006 article in Harpers on Obama’s early vetting by corporate interests still stands up."

Jane Hamsher

wow. Jane Hamsher does not casually throw around terms like "prescient". I had to go and see for myself. I happened to do it at the very moment the Off Shore Drilling story was coming over the transom. more wow.

Barack Obama Inc.: The birth of a Washington machine

Prescient ? how about Sybil the Fucking Soothsayer prescient ?? go on, click on the link – it isn’t a particularly "sexy" piece, nothing new for most of us now – but read it and tell me you don’t hear vast chunks of present context loudly falling in to place.

thanks for the link, Jane.