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Pope Benedict XVI’s Easter Message 2010

This Easter Sunday, the group that brought you the inquisition and the crusades (imagine how those little pageants would have played out in a nuclear era) gives you a man who presided over- and gave his blessing to- decades of institutionally approved rape and pedophilia: Pope Benedict. Benny will cap off eight days of religious services and deliver his annual Easter Message in St. Peter’s Square. The address will be translated into 60 languages and heard around the world.

That the Pope, head honcho of the group responsible for the rape of more children, the murder of more women, and the torture of more innocent people than any other institution ever created by man- I’m speaking of the institution known as the Catholic Church- holds a position granting him higher respect than, say, Charles Manson, is, as they say, one of the great mysteries of faith.

Will Benny respond to criticism from notable Catholics, like the opinion piece penned in the Washington Post earlier this month by the self described yet excommunicated Catholic Sinead O’Conner, who said that the Pope’s recent apology for the sexual abuse of children by Priests rang hollow.

The Pope claimed that he wishes to bring healing to all of the victims by suggesting that those victims find their way back to closeness with the church- that very same church that demanded oaths of silence from the victims of sexual abuse.

In the words of another prominent world leader who claimed frequent communication with God:

“Fool me once, shame on, shame on you….. you fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”- former President George W. Bush

The Pope, like George Bush, understood well that powerful organizations seeking world domination rely on an uninformed and obedient populace. Fear mongering and terror are two strategies in pursuit of this objective. The Church has burned scientists at the stake as part of a strategy to keep the masses from learning the Bible’s historical accuracy can not withstand the academic rigor of a typical 9 year old.

So, this Easter Sunday, while the Pope may not traffic in the same rhetorical minefield that lead the church to publish a how to guide to find, torture, and kill witches like they did the 1500’s with the publication of The Witches Hammer, the bestseller that served as a field guide for the Church sanctioned reign of terror and the torture and death of millions, but the overall objective will be the same, Protect and promote the institution.

The Pope has signaled clearly that he will not be intimidated by critics of the most recently acknowledged sexual abuse cases when he said that faith in God helps lead one "toward the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion."

Let that phrase linger, as you consider the several millennia of terror techniques implemented by the Catholic Church, the most recent chapter of which includes the institutionalized rape of children and the protection, by the church, that benefits the monsters in priests clothing.

“Petty Gossip of Dominant Opinion”

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