I don’t even know what to say about this story other than to say i’m thoroughly disgusted. This sets fire to the last vestige of what I thought was going to be a greener presidency, at the very least. It’s like the current administration is crafting their agenda based on things the Republicans wanted but never succeeded in implementing ( i’m overstating things, I know, but not by much ). Cap and trade, drill baby drill, clean coal, nuclear energy. Why don’t we just slap a toilet seat on the US because we’re going to be an environmental ****hole in fairly short order.

Update: I didn’t see this before I posted. It’s better sourced and has a slightly different analysis ( as opposed to my own somewhat visceral reaction ).

Update two: Would you people stop posting better diaries than mine???

Update three: Again with the prettier diaries. It would appear this has hit a huge nerve with folks around here. I am glad it’s illiciting reactions. Will troll the Daily Orange to see how this gets spun ( if it does )and report back later 🙂