"Aipac has persuaded more than three-quarters of the members of the US House of Representatives to sign a letter calling for an end to public criticism of Israel.

"The open letter, which has been circulating among members of Congress for the last week, says that while it is recognised that there will be differences between the two countries, they should be kept behind closed doors. "Our view is that such differences are best resolved quietly, in trust and confidence," it says."

"Signatories to Aipac’s letter include Steny Hoyer, the Democrat majority leader, and Eric Cantor, the Republican whip. The wording is similar to an email Aipac sent out during Netanyahu’s visit, describing Obama’s criticisms of the Israeli government as "a matter of serious concern" and calling on the US administration "to take immediate steps to defuse the tension with the Jewish state"

I’ll keep saying it; Hoyer is an agent of a foreign power; he -and several others in Congress like Feinstein,Liarman,Boxer,Schumer,et al- CONSISTENTLY put the interests of Israel above the interests of the U.S. I guess AIPAC and the signatories don’t believe in the American people knowing what the hell is going on and speaking out about it.

And it doesn’t matter whether AIPAC has the clout or not; it’s the chutzpah of those herniated rectums.

Insidious in that is another effort to diminish insight into what our government is doing based on ‘national security’.

Disgusting that so many in Congress would lend their names to such an effort.



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