It would appear that the administration, along with the bill is mostly "honor system" in nature. I’m not surprised the insurance companies are jumping all over the loopholes in this bill, since for the most part they crafted it. I fail to see how telling them "don’t look for loopholes" will stop them. There will be court challenges and I fully expect the insurance companies to win. You can’t get arrested for violating the ‘spirit’ of a law, so why would this be any different.

Next up, so much for cost controls. With the big players jacking up premiums, as was predicted, we’re seeing how truly toothless reform really is regarding the affordability factor. I predict we’re actually going to see a decrease in coverage for people who do not qualify for subsidies. Talk about playing both ends against the middle.

And finally, we have a real world example of what I was talking about in a previous diary of employers passing expenses on to their employees. Actually, this sort of proves both ends of the claim that companies will pass expenses on to the employee and retain any benefit for the company ( you know, the claim that pay will increase as benefit costs decrease ). What they’re talking about here is the ability to ‘double dip’ and their loss of that ability.

Interestingly enough, when the loophole for pre-existing child coverage reared its ugly head I didn’t hear any calls to legislate closing that loophole. This bodes badly for the 2010 Wellpoint Welfare act being revisited as a ‘first step’ any time soon. Color me disappointed ( but not surprised ).