This morning CNN treated me to the story of a Philadelphia man arrested for threatening Republican, Eric Cantor. This brought to mind two other recent stories. The first was the story of the Hutaree militia members who are accused of plotting to kill police officers. The second was hearing Rush Limbaugh say we should "wipe out" everyone who isn’t one of us.

The guy who threatened Republican Cantor is in jail. The guys who threatened to kill police officers, who are almost always Republican, are in jail.

The guy who threatens to kill everyone who is not a Republican, Rush Limbaugh, walks freely on our streets and daily continues to urge the mass murder of non-Republicans. Which reminds me, Republicans in the Senate and House continue to walk our streets fighting every day to be sure that more than 40,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care. In other words, they intentionally murder more than 40,000 Americans every year, not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have been killed in their wars of choice over the past ten years. But they don’t go to jail.

Only those who threaten Republicans go to jail.

(And don’t bring up the counter-argument that those who threaten Obama go to jail. That’s a paradox. Wingnuts threaten him daily and don’t go to jail, but then again, they are Republicans … oh wait! So is he.)



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