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WI-Sen: Feingold Has Slight Lead Over Thompson, Crushes Others

The latest poll in the Wisconsin Senate race shows Russ Feingold comfortably ahead of the announced challengers in the race, and with a measurable lead over former Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Feingold leads Thompson, who has been considering a run, by 48-44. A strong lead among women and a slight lead among independents accounts for Feingold’s advantage. I have been on the record for a while saying that Thompson’s first day, if he announces a campaign for Senate, will be his high-water mark in polling. With his recent post-Bush Administration past as a lobbyist and the evidence of his brutally bad Presidential campaign in 2008, I cannot see him staying unscathed in the event of a campaign.

Feingold has good favorables (53/41) and has amassed a decent war chest, mainly with low-dollar donations. He looks to be in OK shape for November.

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David Dayen

David Dayen