The Same Picture Rogers Used
I was hanging around the digital water cooler and someone mentioned that there was a new hit piece on Jane. So rubbernecker that I am, I got on the Google and located said diary on the website of one Rogers Cadenhead. It quickly became apparent that Rogers had stumbled upon a ginormous scoop: FDL and its affiliated PACs need way more donations. However Rogers had misconstrued his story as being, essentially, about the fair price of a mailbox and why FDL staff don’t immediately answer emails from semi-deranged former journalists.

I’m not going to bore you with the accounting, as Jane has posted a Statement of Expenses. I was more interested in doing a little investigative journalism of my own. Turns out Rogers has a Wikipedia page. He admits that he created the page himself, which is ironic because he is best known–if you can call it that–for catching Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales editing his own bio. Anyway, subsequent to the creation of his page it was nominated for deletion because of lack of notability. There were accusations that Rogers’ friends were voting to keep the page. Ultimately there was no consensus and the page survived.

Rogers has a history of cybersquatting. He registered the domain name and tried, apparently in jest, to extort from the Catholic Church. When that failed, he supposed donated the name to charity, although the website is still registered to him so I’d say someone needs to look into this transaction.

Rogers also registered the name and now runs the hilarious send-up website, Drudge Retort. Perusing this site, I found out that Rogers is a big fan of Obamacare. I didn’t find any previous instances of him hating on Jane Hamsher or FDL, but I’m sure I could if I had the time. The interesting thing was that Rogers’ big scoop didn’t seem to be getting much traction. There were zero comments on the story at his personal site and 13 comments on, including several from Rogers himself. Then I found a link where Rogers was directing traffic to a copy of the story at DailyKos with the tease "discussion of this article is coming in fast!"

I hopped over to DKos and–paydirt! Over 1400 comments, including just a handful from Rogers himself. Now I’m ashamed to say I didn’t interview anyone for this diary, but I did scan 1400 comments on the Great Orange Satan. That surely counts for something. What I found was that the comments overwhelming support Jane and FDL. There was one guy from a pro-marijuana website who insisted that this is all part of a vast conspiracy. More to be revealed, I guess.