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There are slow news days and then there are slow news days. Thank Allah for Voyeur West Hollywood! Here are a (scant few) other links:

• Bernie Sanders has begun to make some noise about the giveaways to the nuclear industry in the proposed climate bill. He also blasted the state pre-emption pieces in the bill, which would effectively defang AB 32 in California and a Northeast emission reduction measure. He’s right, in particular pre-emption would flip this bill into the territory of doing more harm than good.

• A top staffer on the House Financial Services Committee went through the revolving door and wound up as a lobbyist for Intercontinental Exchange Inc., a company that owns clearinghouses for derivatives. Peter Roberson actually was a bank lobbyist BEFORE moving to the Financial Services Committee and now back to K Street, Ryan Grim notes.

• From the “debates inside the executive branch” file, Laura Rozen reports on one over how to deal with Israel, and Charlie Savage reports on another over counter-terrorism practices like indefinite detention and military commissions.

• Paul Krugman thinks Republicans will hang together on financial reform, obfuscate, confuse the debate, and back Wall Street. Hard to disagree.

• Ezra Klein winds up describing AT&T’s writedown due to losing a prescription drug subsidy more thoroughly than I do, but comes to the same conclusion – this is just about big corporations whining about losing corporate welfare. Good for Henry Waxman for questioning this.

Deportation quotas at ICE?

• Much more than you need to know about Build America Bonds, perhaps not the best way to fund state and local infrastructure projects.

• They sure grow ’em stupid in the Oklahome legislature. They tried to ban hate crimes protections for gays and lesbians in the state and used the wrong number in the US code, instead banning the same protections for race and religious affiliation. Heckuva.

• Best part of the Black-SPAN rant is how the C-SPAN host thanks him for his views. If you really want to despair for American life, watch the C-SPAN call-in shows for a couple hours. Remember, these are the people engaged enough to watch C-SPAN.


Palin stumps for “Maverick” McCain in Arizona race […]

Kaylie Chriss, a registered Republican, said she remained undecided about who to vote for in the primary election but felt Palin’s appearance would boost McCain.

“It definitely helps him,” she said. “It gets him a lot more support from people who may not have heard of him.”

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