So much for that “culture of corruption” meme that the Republicans have been trying so hard to turn around on the Democrats. Turns out that Nathan Deal, the Republican who resigned from Congress after voting against health care reform to run for Governor in Georgia, has been cited by the Office of Congressional Ethics for rules violations:

An independent Congressional panel on Monday alleged ex-Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) violated House rules by interfering with a state contract involving a business he owned, a unanimous decision that could hurt Deal’s future political career.

The report, issued by the Office of Congressional Ethics, alleges Deal met with state officials to allow his company to continue conducting vehicle inspections on GA’s behalf. The program, according to the allegation, “generated significant personal financial benefit for him and a business partner.”

Deal’s chief of staff attended the meetings and subsequently used his House email account to discuss the program. The office further alleged, in the Monday report, that Deal did not disclose all the income he earned from the company, Gainesville Salvage and Disposal.

The House Ethics Committee was reportedly also probing this scandal, but Deal resigned before they could issue any report. In fact, while Deal claimed he resigned to run for Governor, this evasion of oversight on his personal activities has been assumed to be part of the rationale.

Deal is in a field of five Republicans running for Governor in the July 20 primary. I don’t think this will help him.

A more detailed take comes from the New York Times.

David Dayen

David Dayen

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