Over at Wunderkammer (which y’all should continue to read even when snot-nosed Attackerman guestbloggers are no longer shoving links in your faces every few days), Dylan Matthews goes hard against Teach for America and other institutions of “service liberalism” which have turned into the “ground army of Clintonesque neoliberalism.” To wit:

Taking service seriously, service liberals assert, involves allowing it to replace the government. “The government’s role should continue to change from being the primary deliverer of services,” Khazei declared in a manifesto at the Huffington Post last year, “to one of setting big goals, establishing the rules of the game, conducting oversight and regulation, and using incentives by growing what works, and eliminating funding for programs that fail.” Khazei’s “pragmatism” about making programs “work,” like that of Peters and neoliberals more generally, always seems to lead to the conservative solution to the problem: privatization.

The problem is that conservative solutions tend to come from conservatives for a reason.

It’s sharp stuff. Read the whole thing.

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Dara Lind

Dara Lind