Tucker Carlson could no longer sit on THE GREATEST SCOOP SINCE WATERGATE because Michael Steele was all, “What the fuck is the Daily Caller? Is that like the Pennysaver?”:

The Daily Caller requested interviews with Michael Steele on Jan. 14, Jan. 15, Jan. 18, Feb. 10, Feb. 23 and again on March 23. All were denied.

So Tucker Carlson said, “Hey! I kind of a big deal. Run that bitch!” and history was made.

Obviously if Tucker had invited Steele out to a titty-bar he could have ambush journalismed him….Right after the blond in the school-girl costume finished her interpretive dance to “Cherry Pie”.

: I in no way approve of young women demeaning themselves by exhibiting their tawny limbs, firm heaving breasts, and asses you could bounce a quarter off of, while writhing in mock ecstasy to the pulsating beat of some animalistic rock and roll sex-type song. But I’m open to persuasion, as in, “Wanna go to a titty bar?”



Yeah. Like I would tell you....