Blanche Lincoln’s campaign went on the attack on Friday, releasing a new ad that claims Lincoln saved 1700 Arkansas jobs while Bill Halter outsourced jobs from his company.  Problem is, the workers whose jobs Lincoln claimed to save fired back in a YouTube video.  The workers slam Lincoln for doing nothing to help their jobs, and note that it was her support of free trade agreements like NAFTA that endangered their jobs in the first place.

Lincoln’s campaign released an attack ad on Halter that claims his company outsourced jobs to Bangalore in order to save money, and contrasts that with the statement that Lincoln “saved 1700 Cooper Tire employees from losing their jobs to Chinese imports.”  Watch it:

Nice hit, right?  Only, the Cooper Tire workers whose jobs Lincoln claims to have saved have their own version of the story.  In a short video response posted to YouTube, the Cooper Tire workers say they saved their own jobs by “accepting $31 million in concessions in order to keep the plant open.”  The workers go on to slam Lincoln for supporting NAFTA, CAFTA and other free trade initiatives that allow American jobs to be offshored anyway.  Watch the workers response:

The Arkansas AFL-CIO – which endorsed Halter on Saturday – issued its own statement slamming Lincoln:

Today Senator Blanche Lincoln put out another intentionally misleading ad about the jobs she “saved” at the Cooper Tire plant in Texarkana.  It was the senator’s votes for trade bills like NAFTA and CAFTA that caused these problems in the first place.  If the senator had the foresight to support working families in Arkansas by voting against these trade bills then Arkansas families would not have to worry about their jobs being shipped overseas.  The workers at the Cooper Tire plant know this and would appreciate more directness from the senator when she makes these claims.

So what prompted Lincoln to say she saved these jobs in the first place?  Hilariously, she thinks she saved these jobs because she testified to a trade commission in support of a tariff on Chinese tire imports in June 2009 – six months after the Cooper Tire workers saved their own jobs.

Nice try, Blanche.

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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