What Is CRM Software?

CRM (Customer relationship  management software) is used to manage and  nurture a company’s interactions with its customers and its sales prospects by  keeping track of customer information in a single database so that multiple  users can access and share that information. CRM  software organizes, automates, and synchronizes business  processes-principally sales related activities, but also those for marketing,  customer service, and technical support. The overall goals in using CRM  software are to find, attract, and win new customers, nurture and retain those  the company already has, entice former customers back to the company, and  reduce the costs of marketing and customer service.

 According to  Forrester Research, spending on customer relationship management is expected to  top $11 billion annually by 2010, as enterprises seek to grow top-line  revenues, improve the customer experience, and boost the productivity of customer-facing  staff.

 CRM Software: The Way  You Want It

 The traditional  CRM rules have been noted and ignored. Some CRM  vendors insist that a CRM solution has to be accessed on-demand through the  Internet to be effective. Others argue that it has to be implemented on-site  for the best results. But, in fact, the only essential criterion for any CRM  implementation is that it has to be right for your business. That’s the DSD  Business Systems and Sage  Software philosophy. It’s a philosophy that puts the customer’s best  interest first. It’s a philosophy of choice.


 Sage CRM: Freedom of  Choice

 Alternatives.  Life is full of them. Everywhere you look you have an option. The same holds  true for the Sage CRM family that DSD Business Systems sells and supports. Sage CRM solutions can be deployed on the  customer’s own hardware or accessed on-demand via the Internet. They can be  tailored to meet unique business requirements. Use Sage CRM solutions as  standalone applications to improve specific customer-facing activities. Or  integrate with existing back-office applications and reap the benefits of  collaboration and shared intelligence.

 DSD Business  Systems is a Sage  Software Select authorized partner and certified consultant with the expertise  to make it possible for small and midsized businesses to choose a CRM solution  that fits their deployment preference and exact business needs… not only today,  but in the future when it’s time to easily migrate to a different solution  should business needs change. No other company is better qualified to help you  do this than DSD Business Systems – with the power of SageCRM software products.

 ACT! by Sage #1 best selling  contact and customer management solution. Offers base-line CRM capabilities to  individuals, teams, and workgroups. Provides a seamless online/offline  experience with a highly intuitive user interface. Supports a range of  deployment options-Web, Windows and Terminal Services. Complete and configurable sales, service, and marketing  automation capabilities. Delivers rapid results because there is no software to  install; no hardware to buy; and no maintenance, upgrade, or support costs.

 Sage CRM Provides  the same capabilities as, but is installed and administered  on-premises, so you have complete ownership and control over the application.

 Sage CRM SalesLogix The  leading CRM solution for small and midsized businesses. Provides robust  features and advanced customization capabilities to companies with specialized  sales, marketing, and support processes. Also supports mobile field force  automation.


 Choose the Level of CRM  capability

 Base-line CRM  capabilities for individuals and teams…

 The people on the front lines are the lifeblood of any company.  They are the people who interact with customers on a day-to-day basis. Equipping  them with the right tools is critical to ensure they can perform their jobs  effectively. Whether a company is a small business with a single salesperson or  a large corporation with customer-facing teams across the country, sometimes an  easy-to-deploy contact and customer management solution – like ACT! by Sage – is  all that is needed.  ACT! by Sage is easy  to learn and it ensures customer-facing employees can focus on what they do  best-sales and service.

 …or  robust CRM for advanced automation of all customer-facing activities. Businesses  seeking a complete CRM system that is easily deployable in stages will find Sage offers unparalleled power, diversity,  and cost-effectiveness. With fully-integrated Sales, Marketing, and Service  solutions, each of Sage’s CRM suites enable inter-departmental collaboration  and management of the entire customer lifecycle. From lead generation and  opportunity management to forecasting, sales force automation, and after-sales  support, Sage  CRM,, and Sage CRM SalesLogix have you covered.



 About DSD  Business Systems

 DSD Business Systems is a premiere  business consulting firm. For over 25 years, DSD has helped business streamline  their Customer Relationship management through professional business  consulting. For more information about our services please visit

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