Erick Son of Erick, CNN’s newest affirmative action hire in the pasty racist demagogue demographic, displays the courage of his convictions in the face of Howard Kurtz’s relentless probing:

On calling Obama White House spokesperson Linda Douglass ‘the Goebbels of health care:’

I probably shouldn’t have said that…. I got her confused with one of the Congressmen…. I got my wires crossed that day…. I probably shouldn’t have [gone down that road] but I did….

On his prediction that ‘Obama’s harpy wife would go Lorena Bobbit on him should he even think about shagging hookers behind the media’s back:’

I’ve learned…. I don’t have to get personal in blogging to make my point. I’ve definitely evolved over time.

On calling David Souter ‘the only goat-fucking child molester ever to serve on the Supreme Court:’

That was about the dumbest thing I’ve done…. Some good came out of it! It was the first time I realized, Howard, that what I do affects my family, too — having my three-year old heckled and booed in the front yard by a neighbor, having my wife be berated at her office… I always thought I was just a guy chatting with friends on Twitter, and I realized I’d reached a point where people listen to what I say!… It was a wake-up call to me that I had to grow up in how I write.

On asking ‘at what point do people march down to their state legislators office, take him aside and beat him to a bloody pulp:’

The point is valid, but the Left may not like it…. We’re reaching a point where reasonable people are gonna get kinda crazy with government intrusion into their lives.

‘Are you going to make your points on Red State without these kind of personal attacks?’

Yeah I think so, I’ve definitely had to grow up over time… Everyone understands you talk with friends and among friends in ways you don’t talk in public… in some ways when you talk about things in public and in private you sometimes use different languages. I’ve definitely had to grow up and realize that I am someone now on a national stage and a platform. What I say and write affects not just myself and my family but others.

So, to review:

1. Youthful indiscretions (all within the last two years)
2. People actually read my shit? Who knew?
3. Gotta save the crazy for my close peeps
4. My family and I are the victims

Listen in vain for the words ‘apologize’ or ‘regret’ or ‘sorry’ issue from Erickson’s maw. With the exception of his Goebbels comparison to Linda Douglass (if you listen carefully, you’ll hear that his real mistake was that he mistook her for another, not his Nazi analogy) none of this is regrettable. None of his targets deserve an apology. He is sorry for none of it. No mistakes made.

This is the level of violent and unapologetic discourse CNN has decided to bring into its public square and hand its million-dollar megaphone. John King’s USA is clearly not mine. Is it yours?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge