Wouldn’t all this be easier if Netantahu would bring Moskowitz to these meetings. He’s financing most of the construction in east Jerusalem. Even supporting speculation to possibly purchase the land where the Dome of the Rock is located. After loosing hundreds of his relatives in the holocaust. He’s probably prepared to exhaust his vast wealth on influencing the Israeli bureaucracy. This guys too important a player not to be included in some way in the peace process. Obama’s talking to the wrong guy.

The Dome of the Rock is the oldest existing Islamic building in the world. Build third temple in its place, now that’s an explosive idea. Building a Third Temple is a worthy and noble cause.
Building that Temple at the site of the Dome of The Rock or even suggesting it does not coincide with the times we live in. Israel might as well declare all out war on the Arab world. In older days and different circumstances this may have had some semblance of virtuosity, but not today. It is provocation to a certain extent. Who would have to agree to sell the Dome of The Rock to Israel?

I think the building of the next Temple is central to diffusing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I honestly believe if Israel can agree upon a location for a Third Temple then things might cool down a bit in the middle east. While working on this they should proceed with getting some semblance of peace talks on the table with Palestine immediately. This is what Iran is looking for. It’s Israel’s turn to make the next move in this game of chess. Announcing your building more apartments in east Jerusalem is a bad move under the current geopolitical climate.

As far as all the American reassurances and public declarations of solidarity. Let the congressman play those games. No other country knows exactly what the other would do in the advent of War in the middle east. It is such a hot bed of interest that the super powers would try and wait until all other options have been exhausted. All the U.S. should say is that the U.S. and Israel are not enemies. That they enjoy a healthy mutual respect for one another. If Israel is truly America’s friend they should respect the fact that America has domestic concerns that take priority over Israel-Palestinian disputes at the moment. If the Israeli Lobby reacts to the Barack Obama administrations recent political maneuver too adversely it could set off a conservative backlash towards Israel in America.

Who knows, conservatives could start asking questions about the circumstances surrounding the attacking of the USS Liberty by Israel during the Six Day War. Israel also should make up its mind whether it would like to be a Democracy or a Theocracy.



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