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What to do With Firedoglake resources

Now that the democrats have shown that they are not with progressives but actually working against us. How many dollars did Act Blue raise for so called progressive democrats? Not one of them voted the way we wanted to on healthcare. In fact some of them have even ridiculed us.

It is time to form our own party. My suggestion would be to recruit up to 5 people to run for congress. They can be currently running or not. They cannot run as democrats because the democratic party can not be taken over from the inside, the corporations own it. It is a fools errand to try and take it over from the inside. The platform for our party could be written by progressives. My suggestion would be to first go after some congressional seats because going after the Senate seats would take an extrodinary amount of dollars. The new party candadites would get all our fundraising money. The ideal congressional seat would lean slightly democratic and which is currently being held by a blue dog or a retiring representative.

I personally would never give another dime to a democrat running for office, they have shown time and time again that they vote with the democrat majority and not on principle or even on their own party platform. The new party would have to be accountable to our platform and to our people. Caucussing with the democrats would not be allowed.

We can stll work with Democrats and other "progressive organizations", but only as a means to an end, not as unwavering support. Much like HCAN used progressive outlets to get their insurance bill passed. HCAN diddn’t really care about healthcare reform their only goal was to get "something passed". the Unions are another example, they only have their self interest in mind. We can use them but not be taken in by them.

I know this is going to take some people like Jane to get this started but I think she has the resources to do this now.

That’s my vote on where to go from here.

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