Hey all, the pseudononymous Daniel here. Before I get into my post, a special thanks to Spencer for letting me blog here and a shout-out to my co-guest bloggers all of whom are very astute and accomplished. They are all worthy of your time, dear reader. Now on to my post.

It’s pretty rare that I passionately disagree with Michelle Obama or accuse her of being disingenuous, but that’s exactly how I feel about her endorsement of New York style pizza. I’d like to think the Obamas are as vocal admirers of their hometown as I am but then the First Lady goes to New York, has a slice, and says “It was better than Chicago pizza.” Harsh.

I’m not going to challenge the First Lady’s admiration for all things Chicago. Instead I’ll just throw out the possibility that Obama had ulterior motives. Consider that traditional New York pizza is so thin and wide that you have to fold it to eat. Chicago style pizza, on the other hand, is basically a foot of cheese. If you happen to be a First Lady interested in fighting childhood obesity it’s a no-brainer which kind of pizza you pick.

Actually though, this pizza endorsement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Chicago natives or anyone else. Early in President Obama’s tenure, he flew a thin-crust pizza chef to Washington to cook for him. And it wasn’t like he didn’t have regular access to thick-crust pizza. Eduardo’s Pizza (best thick crust in Chicago) is only a few blocks from his Chicago house. Clearly the Obamas have always preferred and will continue to prefer thin crust pizza over thick crust. So this isn’t a sign that the Obamas have forgotten their Chicago roots, rather it just shows they like a little less cheese on their pie.

As a Chicagoan myself I have to say I love each style of pizza equally. Truthfully, they really aren’t that comparable. Thick crust is a meal, thin crust is a snack.

Post Script: Here’s an informative list of the various types of pizza around the country. It’s pretty comprehensive going so far as to describe Detroit-style pizza.