So there I was on a Friday afternoon, doing my usual surfing for news stories, when I ran across this headline from the AP (via MSNBC):

Marine general: Gays would get their own rooms

No General, you won’t do this. You will not create any type of "separate but equal" facilities for future gays and lesbians serving in the Marine Corp. In the immortal words of another Marine Officer, Lt Col Oliver North, when given an order by your civilian superiors, you will "salute smartly and charge up that hill."

Or you will be starting your future career as a Beltway Bandit that much sooner than planned.

Gays and Lesbians are already serving in your Marine Corps, just as they are serving in the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force. They have served throughout most of the history of the US, and your histrionics have not and will not stop their service. I served in the USAF from 10 December 1976 to 9 September 1982. I was stationed at Wurtsmith AFB, MI and Hickam AFB, HI. In both places, I served with both gays and lesbians. Unit discipline and cohesion were never affected by their service.

So you will not give them "separate rooms" nor will you force them to wear pink insignia or be placed in any situation that sets them apart from the rest of the unit. You should, in fact, be pleased that even with two on-going wars, people of all stripes and possibilities still want to serve. Are the Marines so up-to-date on recruiting and the overall needs of the service that you can afford to deny committed and caring individuals the right to serve their country?

And in order to avoid future concern trolling from others, lets take care of DOMA as well as DADT. That way, we can stop articles like this (also from the AP), asking in such a concerned manner, if "partners of gay troops" would receive benefits too.

Short answer: Yes, and so what? Why shouldn’t the partner of a Gay or Lesbian military member who dies in service of the country receive the appropriate benefits?

I just do not understand the thought processes of those who would deny the rights and benefits of citizenship, because of an act of nature.

And because I can:



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