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Inbred Fear

FDR said ‘we have nothing to fear, but fear itself’. In our current political culture, those words prove as true as they did in FDR’s time.

This country has lived with mounting fear all through the Bush/Cheney Administration. Fear was constantly being thrown at us. One of the reasons that President Obama was elected is that he offered, in his campaign, Change – change that fear could be put behind us. Unfortunately, we have yet to see that change and we see, as a result of the ‘Fear’ that was spread all those years, the name-calling, brick-throwing, and unrest we read about daily in our newspapers and blogs and hear constantly on the news. Some of our politicians have gotten so use to using ‘fear’ in their campaigns and in talking to their fellow citizens, that it has become a way of life for them to spread lies and to continue to listen to those that make a living out of teaching fear.

Fear breeds hatred and greed. We are seeing a resurgence of hate for our fellow men because they look different, have different customs, or have different religious beliefs than ourselves. This hatred is result of the fear that we feel – the fear of losing our jobs – the fear that our children might actually think for themselves and believe differently than we taught them – the fear that the way of life we grew up with is changing. We have become a country of greed – and have forgotten one of the first things our mothers taught us – to share.

Only, we, the people, can defeat fear. We have to look into our inner souls to find the love that resides there and display that love so that the hatred and greed that fear breeds can be defeated.

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