Desperate Times Call For Taibbi Measures

I’m not Matt Taibbi’s biggest fan. I think he’s an excellent writer, quite funny and one of the best at deploying profanity — which is no small feat. But I think when it comes to this latest beat — the financial industry — he all too often elides nuance, ignores complicating details in search of a grand narrative and is too quick to make matters a simple contest between white hats and black hats.

But sometimes there really is an organization that aids, abets and assists truly evil people, like serial child molesters. I’m sure that Taibbi’s latest, most splendid rant against the Catholic Church leaves out all sorts of stuff that would make things seem less simple, but then again, it really does seem like the Pope could give a rat’s ass about justice for victimized kids and was content moving around child molesters so that the Church wouldn’t be embarrassed. Anyway, do check it out.

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Young Zeitlin

Young Zeitlin