What made the Public Option into a worthwhile goal was its not-for-profit orientation. Since we can’t have that now, can we create it ourselves? Sure, it would have been easier to get Congress to do it, except that they wouldn’t and likely never will be able to resist the payoff for sellling out.

Can we as Progressives start a small health care and insurance company ourselves? We could take advantage of being the lowest cost insurance provider because we can largely eliminate the middleman.
Here’s how.
1. Not for profit goal.
2. Actually hire a few primary care doctors. Start out by reinsuring for specialties, until the pool gets big enough to keep one busy on our own clients/patients.
3. Actually buy or build a few clinics. Start in a geographically selected target that offers a few company health care clients as a base. Look for progressive employers (Palo Alto?).
4. If we paid off student loans for a few newly gradusting MDs, we would get mad loyalty in return.
5. Doctors who don’t have to waste time arguing with insurance companies can be much more productive at heaking sick people and keeping healthy ones from getting sick.
6. An insurance company that doesn’t waste resources in arguing claims has lower overhead.
7. An insurance company that pays its CEO what the president of the USA makes, and the rest of the executives in line with that, can save money.
8. An insurance company that does not need to pay salesmen to pimp their crap, that has customers waiting until they can open up in their area, can save money.
9. A company that has no shareholders to placate, but is started with other sources of money can offer cheaper policies because of saving ink by not having to print the letters "ROI" in corporate reports.
10. I’d buy my own personal policy from them. Any others?

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. It would not be easy or instant, but it would be certain.
I know that there is enough talent among the posters at FDL to do this. FDL is the premier political blog (I’ve explained it this way. FDL is to Huffpo, Kos, et.c as Scientific American is to Popular Science or Readers Digest.)

Jane Hamsher, I respect you and what you’ve built tremendously. If you want to turn this Ferrari to this task, I’m yours to command.



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