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Enough is enough.

When I saw this tweet from Alan Colmes last night on a thought from Alan Grayson passed to him, it was one of only two resolutions I could see for this ugly situation to end appropriately:

Though I’m not sure if Grayson and his office will actually do this since I haven’t heard back from his press secretary yet after emailing him, it would do us all good if this is the end result.

Or, with how this shameful story has evolved, the only other thing that should be acceptible from Eric Cantor is to show penitence for his unsurprisingly but still nevertheless very shocking and disturbing actions.

Nothing else.

It’s already deplorable enough that the Sad Obnoxious Party won’t take (or are alarmingly slow) any responsibility for their tea partiers dropping coffins, throwing bricks, or leaving chilling phone calls in Democratic officers.

But what Cantor (and Jean Schimdt, more on her in a second) did by trying to join his party in the "victim circle", and burden America with another false equivalency nonsense for the media to play with is too much to take.

It is highly dangerous what Cantor and his press office are continuing to do by now changing every bit of his "high noon talk of a loon" moment. And everyone out here should be slamming him for feigning seriousness, when all he was doing was just an irrational, angry attempt at winning a game.

It’s always a game with him and his pathetic party, no surprise there. But the limits of how low they go is already pass a point where something further toxic and horrible can happen thanks to their lack of maturity.

A handful of extremist actions have been speculated on Democratic Congressional figures this week. But to create that stunning balance effect that our corporate media always is glad to run with, the SOP has Cantor’s ever evolving insanity and a phone call to Schmidt’s office that though was very harsh, did not call a threat on her.

There was no powder or drop dead message that Anthony Weiner received yesterday. There was no obvious signs that family members could get attacked like Louise Slaughter received. And outside of a brick being thrown at a Virginia GOP office that we don’t know anything else about, there has been nothing. (And frankly, who knows who really did that one?).

But we’re all cognizant of the fact that Eric Cantor further disgraced himself by playing the victim card (with him mentioning that he was Jewish too by the way), accusing Democrats of political opportunists in such a serious situation, and then proven to be brazenly disingenuous and a fraud.

This is just an unbelievably, unacceptable action that Cantor has committed in front of the American people, and especially to his fellow Congressmen on the other side of the isle. Cantor must be politically humiliated in some way, and that will only come with a public apology or leaving office for good.

Enough is enough.

Then again, how many times have we said that line in the past, only to see us say it once more?

(From TWD, have a good rest of your Friday and thanks again for even reading.)