Imagine loosing upon our country literally tens of thousands of sociopaths. Extraordinarily wealthy sociopaths who, by definition, have no conscience, empathy or remorse. They are allowed to influance our election processes, candidates and sitting legislators. With their wealth they can twist the truth, buy lawmakers and laws. They can and do destroy the laws that we pass to govern and monitor. They think only of themselves, and no matter what they do they sleep nights.

They have been given the same status as humans by the supreme court of our land. Though truly human sociopaths are, thankfully, rare, they are considered damaged human beings and we are wary. When certain sociopaths commit crimes we isolate them for the good of society as a whole. However, our new class of humans are one hundred percent sociopathic. Totally damaged. Infinitely dangerous. Most are harmless, but too many are not. Beholden only to their shareholders, they can legally damage our society with impunity. They can go forth with their checkbooks and buy, manipulate and lie to anyone and everyone to achieve their goals. They will find the narcissistic and foolish among us, and they will enlist them. Bribe them.

Who would do this to us? And why? Surley those who gave these damaged entities their newfound status must know that our defenses will be few. What were they thinking? Do those who enter agreements with this new class of humans think they can somehow "control" them, and keep them for their own? Are they that stupid? Loyalty is another attribute these new humans lack.

Corporations are not human beings. This cannot stand.