BREAKING: Journalist Allan Nairn charged by Indonesian military for crime of reporting (US-backed) crimes

BREAKING: Allan Nairn reports that charges against him are imminent.

On Wednesday, Democracy Now! featured Nairn’s report of the repercussions of his discovery of a link between retired Admiral Dennis Blair, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, and the Indonesian general responsible for massacres at churches.

Nairn, renowned for surviving having his skull fractured in 1991 (the Santa Cruz Massacre) by US-trained Indonesian soldiers in East Timor, saving colleague Amy Goodman by throwing himself upon her, is being charged for the crime of reporting US-backed crimes.

Indonesian Military to Charge Me With Crime for Reporting Assassinations, According to Text Scroll Running on News Channel TV One

Posted: 25 Mar 2010 05:15 AM PDT
The Indonesian news channel TV One is running text scrolls on their screen which say that the country’s US-backed armed forces, the TNI, is either planning to or has already filed criminal charges against me.

The crime, the scrolls say, consists of "defiling the good name of TNI."

In today’s Indonesia it can be a crime to report assassinations, but, given that no Generals have gone to prison for such murders, it is not treated as a crime to commit them.

Nairn is up against the US-backed Indonesian military, virtually alone. Please consider supporting this heroic journalist by visiting his Web site and clicking "donate."

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