I don’t have much to add about Eric Cantor’s “OMG! I nearly fucking died!” drama queen appearance Thursday morning which ended, unsurprisingly with this:

The Richmond Police Department is investigating an act of vandalism at the Reagan Building, 25 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia. A first floor window was struck by a bullet at approximately 1 a.m. on Tuesday, March 23. The building, which has several tenants including an office used by Congressman Eric Cantor, was unoccupied at the time.

A Richmond Police detective was assigned to the case. A preliminary investigation shows that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window in a downward direction, landing on the floor about a foot from the window. The round struck with enough force to break the windowpane but did not penetrate the window blinds. There was no other damage to the room, which is used occasionally for meetings by the congressman.

I just wanted to use that headline and this was too good to pass up.

I do, however, agree with this:

An angry, armed liberal would not shoot the House minority whip. They would be more likely to shoot Harry Reid. Or Bart Stupak, who no longer has any friends on any end of the political spectrum. (And honestly—if this theoretical armed and dangerous libtard isn’t shooting some turncoat Democrat, he’s much more likely to go after a right-wing media figure than some loser GOP congressman.)

It’s the pissed-off raging teabaggers who are furious with the Republicans right now, for failing to stop the thing they promised they would stop.

But we are not even going to blame some stupid Teabagger for shooting Eric Cantor’s office. Because no one gives a shit about Eric Cantor. No one is shooting him or threatening him. He is just another asshole.

Adding to Cantor’s pathetic attempt at victimhood:

Later Thursday, however, Richmond police said in a news release that the bullet had been fired into the air around 1 a.m. Tuesday. It finished its random arc back to earth at a sharp downward trajectory, breaking a window pane on the bottom floor of the two-story brick building where Cantor’s campaign leases the top floor.

Cantor is such an awful spokesman for the Republicans that  Democrats should consider sending a  car to make sure he gets front of  the cameras. Or, as Tommy Lasorda once put it regarding beanballs and Kurt Bevacqua :

…I certainly wouldn’t make them throw at a fucking .130 hitter like [Joe] Lefebvre…or fucking [Kurt] Bevacqua who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a fucking boat. And I guaran-fucking-tee you this, that when I pitched and I was gonna pitch against a fucking team that had guys on it like Bevacqua, I’d send a fucking limousine to get the cocksucker to make sure he was in the motherfucking lineup because I’d kick that cocksucker’s ass any fucking day of the week. He’s a fucking motherfucking bigmouth, I’ll tell you that.

I think we know who yelled at Tim Tebow the other day….



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