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US Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff

Today the Senate passed the health care sidecar reconciliation bill, and no Senator spoke up to add the public option as an amendment.

That includes Michael Bennet, who raised $70,000 for writing a letter with his fellow Senators asking Harry Reid for an up-or-down vote on the public option.

His primary challenger, Andrew Romanoff, issued a challenge to Bennet to live up to his word, and Bennet struck back by saying that Romanoff was “aligning with the GOP.”  Bennet says he’ll introduce one in some fantasy future, when it once again won’t be able to clear the 60-vote bar.

We wanted to invite Romanoff on to talk about Bennet’s capitulation, as well as his positions on a variety of issues so our readers can find out more about the race.

Please welcome Andrew Romanoff in the comments.

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