Sorry for being so late, the L&T Casey and I went out for sushi and we got caught up watching Kansas State/Xavier and Casey is going back to school on Sunday…so you guys had to suffer.

Fenway is doing much better thankyewverymuch.  His catheter came out this afternoon and, as I type this, he’s bouncing around with Wembley fighting over mrs TBogg’s underwear (don’t ask) so the world, for the moment, is getting back to normal….whatever that is. Below, Fenway looking pathetic in his crate before we went to the vet and then with Wembley  after we got home. And, as adorable and innocent as the second shot looks, I should point out that Wembley is chewing on Fenways ear, and not in an endearing way.

One last thing: thanks to all of you for your good wishes for the boys. I appreciate the PayPal offers to help with basset medical maintenance issues, but I’m not comfortable with that. All I ask of you is that you continue your cult-like devotion to me which, were it lavished upon anyone else, I would probably find it disturbing if not downright creepy.

Fruit bats!



Yeah. Like I would tell you....