This is the first time I felt like I see eye-to-eye with people making Mideast policy for the Obama administration. According to the Washington Post, Obama and Netanyahu have nearly come to terms on a series of confidence-building measures to get back to direct talks with the Palestinians. We don’t know their terms (or at least I don’t). And when you think about it, this is a roadmap to get back to The Roadmap, a depressing circumstance.

But while the terms of the agreement remain unclear, there is one aspect of it I will defend to the death of me:

U.S. and Israeli officials are working on a document dubbed “the blueprint,” which covers all issues, including Jerusalem, that need to be resolved to let talks go forward.

Bibi, I see you jockin’ Jay-Z! The corollary annex for the Kadima opposition is chopped-n-screwed and called “Still Tzippin.” Nas, I’ve learned, has called both parties to inform them that KRS already issued a peace-process framework called Blueprint.

And such is peace-processing: so bitter we think it can taste sweet. At least it’s a good morning on Twitter, thanks to @theADreview, @glcarlstrom, @DaveedGR and everyone who RT’d.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman