Dear FDL,

It has been a very long hard fight for health care reform this past year. Just because health care has passed does not mean the fight for Progressive values and progress in the USA is over.

We must fight for financial reform with an independent consumer protection agency and end "too big to fail" banks. No longer should Wall Street be chosen over Main Street. Wall Street adds nothing to our society. They are simply criminals stealing our money. We have to fight and stop the government from publicizing debt and privatizing profit.

We must fight for an education system that works for everyone. As with health care, education should not be based on your socio-economic status. It is a right, not a privilege. We must fight against the special interest and hold teachers (and parents) accountable for the failure of our abysmal education system and poor performance of the students. We must fight to hire teachers who are productive,energetic, and actually educate the children of our country. And fire those who are holding the education system hostage because of personal interest.

We must fight for a green economy and another stimulus bill (jobs bill). We need to start putting people back to work. We can do that at the same time we are rebuilding our infrastructure. Our government is sitting still watching other countries run right by us (by investing in their people) into the future. Leaving us with a mouth full of dirt.

We must role back all of the Bush/Cheney policies in the Department of Justice. We have to return to the rule of law this country was built on.

We must fight for LGBT rights. Both in the military and for civilians.

We must still fight to improve this health care bill. Everyone has to buy insurance now. So,why not let us buy publicly provided insurance? Which will hold insurance companies accountable and create competition. This bill was a hand out to the insurance and pharma companies. A lot needs to change. The health care fight is not over. It has just begun.

This up coming November we must campaign and vote for all the Progressives possible. And fire all the corporate Democrats, like Blanche Lincoln. We must fight to keep Progressives such as Alan Grayson and Anthony Weiner.

To conclude, I just want to thank all the members of FDL community for all their hard work this past year on health care and so many other issues. It is people like you, who will move this country forward. Progress never comes from the top. Progress only comes from the bottom up. From grassroots movements.

I know I will keep fighting for progress. I hope the members of FDL community will continue to fight with me.

Lets continue fighting and keeping our government officials honest and working for the American people.