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Boehner-Cantor Tag Team

The unabashed tag team of John Boehner and Eric Cantor have now spoken about the increasingly violent rhetoric and acts against Democrats who voted for healthcare reform, and Eric Cantor makes clear that it’s red herring and blame-the-victim time. The false equivalencies are flying around, and political cowardice by the likes of John McCain excusing Sarah Palin’s violence prompts are on full display.

It’s a pretty wretched sight coming out of Washington these days. Will the media now further fuel the flames? Or will they referee the filibustering and blustering and fingerpointing and call them what they are?

Time will tell. But Mrs. McMahon will fit right in with this crowd if she wins in November.

Who knows, maybe she’d even call a tag team what it is….

UPDATE: According to Eric Cantor, the Dems are fanning the flames of violence. Thus sayeth the arsonist.

Prairie Sunshine

Prairie Sunshine