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Huge, Organized, International Child Sex Ring Exposed

Authorities worldwide were stunned this week by the revelation that a massive international ring of pedophiles has been preying on children – apparantly with impunity – for many decades. Allegations of sexual abuse have arisen from all corners of the globe and may well number in the tens of thousands.

The pedophile ring, which goes by the names “Catholic Church” and “Church of Rome” is made up of thousands of men who organized themselves into a vast secret society, complete with robes and arcane rituals.  The elected leader went by the alias “Pope” and was protected by layers of armed security in a walled compound in Rome.

Among the many lures this group has used to gain access to children for the purposes of sexual molestation are such canards as convincing parents that they were “counseling” the children for their spiritual well being, and the assertion that they had direct communication with God.

Under cover of these deceptions, members of the group have engaged in literally countless incidents of sexual molestation.

Authorities were asked to explain how such a long pattern of serial molestation could have continued for so many years without being stopped. 

It was revealed that the organization went to extreme lengths to hide any evidence which was brought to light – sometimes buying the silence of accusers, but more frequently playing what has been called a 'shell game'.  Members who were caught would be quickly transfered away from the scene of their crimes into a new community far removed.

Authorities speculate that the purpose of such transfers was to allow the accused member to prey on new victims who were unaware of his prior acts.  Sadly, this technique was usually successful, with countless child molesters continuing thier crimes for many years.

After a brief gun battle in central Rome, Italian police took Joseph Alois Ratzinger into custody, charging him as the ringleader.  If convicted in Italy, it is expected that Ratzinger will be extradited to the United States for trial, where he would be subject to the death penalty due to the large number of cases involved.

Interpol, the FBI, Scotland Yard and countless local police agencies are pooling thier information on this group and are seeking the public's help in identifying all members of the “Catholic Church” wherever they may be.

An international hot line has been set up for calls. 


* I have posted some chilling (true) numbers in a comment below the fold. Snooky


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