by Scott Creighton

There was a time in this country when you could always count on Dennis Kucinich to stand up and speak out against the monied interests that have crippled this nation. Now he dutifully parrots Joe Biden’s talking points right on que. And as cognitive dissonance goes, this one promises to set a new standard.

Globalist extraordinaire, Joe Biden, was at yet another of his Party function fund-raisers last night. This one cost $2,500 a plate and promised direct access to policy makers and big wigs, if you have the cash. It’s always about the cash in America these days.

The fund-raiser was held in the palatial estate of one David S. Cordish, an international mega developer and entertainment industry tycoon.

Cordish’s company’s website boasts that they are a leader in what is called “public/private development”. That means they take public money and turn massive profits from it, mainly by “revamping” economically depressed areas, places where poor people live, turning them into shopping malls, entertainment centers, casinos, ect.

Basically they muscle poor people out of their homes and off their land and then use public tax money to “revitalize” the area and they turn a hefty little profit in the meantime. Then, they have all the cheap labor they need right in the area from the poor people who didn’t get kicked off their land, and they can staff their “HardRock Casinos” and strip malls with plenty of super cheap workers.

To give you an idea of the kind of man David S. Cordish is, he once sued a couple companies because the heater one of them installed on his new dome covered tennis court at his home was a 2002 model rather than a new one. He sued the company that provided the heater and he sued the company that provided the dome, even though nothing was wrong with the dome. He sued for $600,000 for having to put up with the slightly older heater. The entire tennis court dome and heater project had only cost him $191,000 to start with. That reflects a profit of over $400,000 for Mr. Cordish simply because his tennis court heater was older than he would have liked.

That’s David S. Cordish, friend of Joe Biden.

If you want a better understanding of exactly who Joe Biden was dining with the other night, check out CDF Development’s website. CDF Development is also owned by David S. Cordish and on their website you will find a rather upfront explanation for what they actually do.

CDF Development, LLC provides equity and loans to large-scale retail projects in low-income urban communities throughout the United States. CDF

Think, uh, “9th Ward, New Orleans” if you will. “Get those poor black people the hell off that land” kind of thing, right? Well, that’s fair enough, we’ve already discussed that. But wait… keep reading that website, it gets better.

To facilitate its investments, CDF Development was allocated $100 million in federal tax credits as part of the Department of Treasury’s prestigious New Market Tax Credit Program (NMTC). The NMTC attracts private-sector capital investment into urban and rural low-income areas to help finance community development projects, stimulate economic opportunity and create jobs in the areas that need it most. CDF

The money that David S. Cordish makes his money off of is actually YOUR money… your tax money. Neat how that works, ain’t it?

So, rather than the government providing these loans directly to investors in these areas which would save the American people a lot of money, David S. Cordish and his sleazy public/private company gets the bucks instead and turns a huge profit skimming millions off the top. Then he probably loans much of that money to some of his several other companies to actually do the construction and then run the developments, and PRESTO CHANGEO, instant billionaire. Makes you kinda wonder how he gets such a plum deal in the first place, doesn’t it?

I guess the FUNDRAISER he was hosting with the Vice President might have SOMETHING to do with it, you think?

So there was our friend, Joe Biden, supping with the international mogul, David S. Cordish the other night, and what exactly did Joe say? Well, he spun up the standard Democratic Party talking point on the need to get the healthcare “reform” bill passed at all costs (no matter how neoliberal this piece of shit bill really is)…

If we were unable to move the ball on this issue, not only in the political sense might we be dead,” Biden said, according to the pool report filed on the event. “But in terms of being able to deal with other major issues on our plate, we would’ve been done. Absolutely done.” Garret

Well, that’s true. Had this corporatist sham of a “reform” bill fallen to the wayside, then many of the other neoliberal reforms Barack and his New Dem administration have planned might just also fall to defeat. Reforms like the privatization of the Social Security system or the newly minted faux Banking Reform Bill coming out of Dodds office. Certainly it would have spelled serious trouble for Obama “austerity measures” committee that is hard at work even today.

One might think that would be a good thing for certain “progressive” minded Liberal reformer type congressmen like Dennis Kucinich… but, alas, one would be wrong.

In an email sent to me the other day, Dennis himself offered the “REAL” reason he changed his mind on the healthcare “reform” bill.

I won’t force you to suffer through all the sophomoric imagery and rhetoric he painfully infused into the horribly long and drawn out narrative of his story of “CHANGE”, but suffice to say it involves our diminutive hero sitting quietly on a bench next to a statue of Lincoln, pondering the meaning of his career and the long-term effect his vote will have on the average American working man…Dennis, a man alone with the weight of the world on his shoulders, strugling with his conscience in the shaddow of Lincoln. Very dramatic. Very poignant. Very moving. Very contrived.

Here are the highlights though. Perhaps you can hear a little similarity between “Populist” Dennis Kucinich’s explanation and that of the Globalist at his $2,500 a plate fundraiser at the billionaire’s house… perhaps a little?

… And so as we came closer, and it appeared that I would be in a pivotal position, I realized that the moment required me to look at this in the broadest terms possible. To look at this in terms of the long-term impact on my constituents, of the moment in history in which we now stand, of the impact on the country, of the impact on the Obama presidency, on the impact on the president personally. I had to think about all of this. I couldn’t just say, “Well here’s my position: I’m for single-payer, and this isn’t single-payer, so I’m going to defeat the bill.”

Those claims are just part of an effort to destroy the Obama presidency. And, of course, to produce gridlock – so that nothing can happen. Because if this bill goes down, which figured into my calculus – the bill goes down, we’ll be gridlocked. We will be unlikely to pass any meaningful legislation about anything. The presidency will be weakened, the Congress will be in a place where the leadership will be undermined.

But let’s go deeper than that. We’re at a pivotal moment in American history, and in contrast to a crippled presidency, I have to believe that this effort, however imperfect, will now have a broad positive effect on American society, and make possible many things that might not have otherwise been possible. Once this bill is signed into law, more Americans are going to be aware of this as they ask, What’s in it for me? And as they become more familiar with the new law, more people will be accepting this bill. The president will have a stronger hand in domestic and international affairs, and that will be good for the country. The Democrats will be emboldened to pass an economic agenda, which has been waiting for this bill to pass. Wrong or right, as far as a strategy, the White House invested so much in this health care bill that everything else was waiting. Now, I think there’s a chance that the party will regain some momentum. And if it does, then the American people will finally have a chance to see something done about creating jobs, about keeping people in their homes, about helping small businesses get access to credit, which is a huge problem right now.

And so I think that the pivot here could be toward a very exciting time where the Obama presidency gets a chance to hit the reset button. This is my hope, at least. Dennis Kucinich

“Wrong or right”, according to Dennis, they had to pass this bill so that Obama and his team of globalist Clintonistas would be empowered to push through even more “CHANGE”.

And this, of course, is what Dennis thinks is a reasonable excuse for his voting for the bill?

The Obama administration is about to undermine Social Security in ways that Ronald Reagan could only dream of. He has already passed a “jobs bill” that really doesn’t do much except let massive corporations fire existing employees and then hire new ones without having to pay their Social Security benefits. Purely designed to help undermine the solvency of the Social Security program, major news organizations like the New York Times have already started to foretell the death of the program due to projected lack of revenues. Revenues that are being deliberately reduced by Obama’s “jobs bill”.

Funny how that works, ain’t it?

Obama’s “high-speed rail” bill also passed into law before it was discovered that much of the money was going to be up for Chinese company competition. And since they are pretty much the most advanced technologically in the field and because they pay their workers slave wages, guess who will probably get that money?

You guessed it. More offshoring from a Clinton heavy administration. Who would have thunk it?

After 14 months of continuous corporatist friendly legislation and endless validating of the worst aspects of the Bush/Cheney regime, the Obama administration has already proven to us that trusting them with even more “momentum” would probably be a very bad thing indeed. Considering the fact that “CHANGE” is the LAST thing we actually got in 2008, Dennis’ argument that he felt it was necessary to flip his vote in order to empower the Obama administration is probably one of the most inane, downright idiotic statements that I have heard in a long time.

Now whether Dennis is that stupid, or whether he just thinks we are, is yet to be determined.

But unfortunately, this “save the presidency” spin will work for those who choose to bask in the self-egrandizing glow of their cognitive dissonance.

The pleasant fiction of the “Obama as Populist” fable allows “progressives” to distance themselves from the harsh reality that is closing in upon us. In times of great strife escapism flourishes. Dennis’ explanation is just more opiate for the masses; it’s based on self-fulfilling delusional thinking.

Like the fox in Aesop’s fable who convinces himself the grapes he desires aren’t worth eating because he can’t find a way to reach them, so to is Kucinich’s contrived excuse. We failed and in so doing, we won. Obama is selling us out, so therefore we must support his endeavours.

At least Biden was partly honest when he offered up the fable to his audience of corporatists. To them, the idea that Obama’s agenda must succeed is pretty much a given; the Obama agenda serves their profit driven interests at the cost of the public welfare. Biden was simply saying if this sham of a healthcare “reform” bill fails, it would be harder to push more sham “reforms”. And he was right.

What’s fascinating is how the very same message can withstand the smell test when coming out of the mouth of someone like Dennis Kucinich as an explanation for switching his longtime position and voting for such a horrible bill.

Because it is often easier to make excuses than it is to change behavior, dissonance theory leads to the conclusion that humans are rationalizing and not always rational beings. Wiki