I’ve made this statement before but I would like to once again put it forward.

All 3 of our so called "Firedogs", Weiner, Grayson, and Kucinich have proven themselves unworthy of the title. All 3 were signatories of the letter promising not to vote for a bill with no Public Option in it. All 3 have betrayed that pledge.

Of those 3 only Kucinich has promised to refund the money he took from us, and so far that hasn’t really been happening.

We’ve proven carrots are not an effective strategy. Over and over again we’ve seen their word is worth nothing.

So let’s break out the sticks.

Jane, I don’t know how good your relationship is with the mainstream these days, if you can like try and request to get on air or anything. But a blatant and public disowning of these three, stating exactly why is in order. A massive demonstration that we are not the left that Rahm thinks he can just walk all over.

Sure we’ll be called firebaggers and the Kossacks will call us traitors, but so what? What good was Kos or any of them? Kos, like the three 3 "firedogs" caved in to everything his all mighty Obama wanted. What kind of ally is that?

We need to make this break public, and as large as we can.