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Andrew Romanoff Live on FDL Tonight – 6pm ET

US Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff, who is challenging Michael Bennet in the Democratic primary for the Senate seat in Colorado, will be on FDL tonight for a chat. He’ll be talking about Bennet’s failure to introduce a public option amendment, after leading the fight for an up-or-down vote in the Senate.

Romanoff issued a challenge to Bennet last week to live up to his commitment, and was on Firedoglake earlier this week to talk about it.

Bennet has been out-and-out lying about why he flogged the public option issue and then abandoned it, claiming he wouldn’t “play games with the lives of thousands of Coloradans and millions of Americans.”

As Jon Walker said, “That is absurd. The bill that expands insurance coverage was already signed into law. This reconciliation bill, with its minor changes for the employer mandate, and changes to the excise tax, is not playing games with the lives of millions of Americans.”

And Romanoff said:

That makes no sense. The bill they’re referring to is headed to the President’s desk. It will be signed into law tomorrow. Restoring the public option would strengthen health care reform. Leadership means more than making a speech or writing a letter — it means taking a stand, even if the leaders of your party aren’t ready to stand with you.

But that didn’t stop Bennet from smearing Romanoff, saying that he was “aligning with the GOP” and “continues stand with Republicans in Washington in opposition to real health care reforms” for suggesting Bennet should introduce a public option amendment. Instead, Bennet says he’ll introduce one in some fantasy future, when it once again won’t be able to clear the 60-vote bar.

Please join us tonight at 6pm and ask your questions of Andrew Romanoff.

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