Those of you who are regular commentators on the site will know I’m quite open in calling myself a socialist. But I think a declaration of why I call myself that, and why I’m so blatant with it is in order.

First let us begin with the why I call myself a socialist.

There’s one major factor, more than any other in my declaration of myself to be a socialist. I believe there are large sections of the ecconomy that just can’t be "for profit". Healthcare, food, scientific research, education, water, internet access…I could go on and on.

But will start with something relevant and easy to talk about, health care. The concept of a for profit health care system just entirely defeats the purpose. Doing the maximum good for a patient, and trying to earn the most profit for your company will ALWAYS be at odds with each other. There’s no reconciling these two ideas together. To acquire profit one must be ruthless, willing to chop off that which is inefficient and unproven, willing to do whatever it takes for the almighty dollar. That doesn’t exactly sound like your ideal health system does it?

Nor should it. Health care should be exactly the opposite. You should be willing to use the most inefficient, expensive unproven and risky procedure. When you’re dying, you want everything under the sun to be used in your defense. This is an experimental treatment that’s never been used before that costs $100,000 and has no proven chance of working? Great, I don’t give a shit, if it even gives me the slightest chance of living longer I want it.

By definition these two viewpoints contradict each other. Therefore we must come to the conclusion that under capitalism there will never be the best health care system that humans can devise.

There’s also a valid point to be raised by the right here as much as we don’t like to talk about it. The threat of the doctor being sued. I don’t mean that there shouldn’t be malpractice prosecution. I mean that a surgeon may be less inclined to perform a surgery with 1/1000 odds because he knows it’s just going to get him sued even if it has a chance of saving your life. Again, we see the inherent contradiction. The surgeon should want to try that one in a million shot to save your life. But he can’t, because if you die and he gets sued, he may never be able to help anyone else again.

I could go on with other examples but I think this illustrates the point best. Some sections of our society just can’t be for profit and meet their stated goals.

We must now turn to the question of why I’m so blatant with the title. why even write a diary proclaiming myself to be one in the first place?

The answer to this is simple. Because ever since Stalin and Mao, along with the perversions of socialism into communism, socialism has been a sort of dirty word. For decades to even attempt to place the title on yourself was to kill and chance you had in politics, or perhaps in any career. For decades the right has been using this word as an attack on the left. You can’t do that it’s Socialist!

No one cares if it’s the best idea, if it has the best chance of success, all that matters is that it’s been given that label. It’s Socialist, and therefore to a very large chunk of the country it is instantly evil.

Well to quote Randall in Clerks 2, I’m taking it back.

It’s not really any better now. Look at the right’s attacks on Obama. Socialist! Stalin! Bureaucracy! There may be a single socialist senator, but that’s happened before. We’ve not made any progress, we’ve in fact gone backwards. The free market is looked at as something sacred, something untouchable.

That has to change, because the free market is not a cure all to problems.

Now with my title declared and my reasons for declaring it stated. I would like to turn to some other ideas.

The Agent Provocateur.

By this I mean Kos, his Kossacks, and all of the so called left that blindly follow Obama. This is not a section for which we should ally ourselves. The enemy of our enemy is not our friend. Indeed Kos and his ilk are a poison to us.

Who among you thinks that on whatever issue is next, be it immigration, financial reform, or whatever that Kos won’t follow the exact same path? He’ll talk great guns in the begin, swear never to sully himself with a half measure that doesn’t solve anything, and then when push comes to shove, completely cave and rubber stamp whatever Obama tells him to.

This is exactly what Kos will do. Well what’s wrong with that you might say, should we not get what we can out of him? I say no. When we ally with him in the beginning we give him credibility. We make him a face of the left. We allow him to speak for us even tho his sniviling begging is not what we want. But to the MSM it becomes what we want. His view gets represented as ours, for better or for worse.

We need to break from this faction, and if that means we are a socialist website instead of a progressive one, well all the better I say.

Finally I would like to bring up one more topic, "Human dust". I quote now from Isaac Deutscher’s biography of Trosky, The Prophet Outcast.

Yet the lower middle class was normally ‘human dust’. It had none of the workers’ capacity for self-organization for it was inherently amorphous and atomized; and, despite bluster and threats, it was cowardly wherever it met with genuine resistance

I would go further and extend that to the entire middle class in this our modern age. There is no will to fight, no will to organize. This is our biggest obstacle. Whether you declare yourself a socialist like me, or still wish to call yourself a progressive, this is the issue you must face. These are not the times of mass strikes, of actual unions with spines of steel that are willing to shut down a factory if they don’t get exactly what they want. The spirit of the people is dead. We’ve been lied to and so jaded over that we no longer trust anything or anyone. So much so that when something that even is a fake version of authentic comes along we instantly latch onto it for dear life, desperately hoping for the oxygen we need.

This must be faced head on, and as we’ve seen from the failure of the progressive caucus and all of our hopes to get them to come close to doing the right thing it’s not happening now.

We need a new socialist party, a new socialist critique than can mold that "human dust" into a work of fine art.

So come comrades, join me in this declaration, and strike up the internationale!