On Monday, Ann Coulter came to the Great White North and immediately got p*wned in an open forum at the University of Western Ontario when a young undergraduate named Fatima Al-Dhaher stood-up and asked a pointed, relevant and intelligent question that led the conservative comedian to descend into self-ridicule.

Then, the following night at the University of Ottawa Ms. Coulter’s next Canuckistanian World Tour appearance was cancelled at the last minute.

Apparently the cancellation was caused by alleged security concerns that arose due to an even more alleged unruly mob.

Well, it turns out that there was absolutely no ‘security’ concern and there was most definitely no ‘unruly’ mob.

Here is the official statement on the matter that was released Wednesday by the administration of the U. of Ottawa:

OTTAWA, March 24, 2010 — On Tuesday, March 23, an appearance by Ann Coulter was scheduled on our campus, organized by the International Free Press Society Canada and the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

The University of Ottawa has always promoted and defended freedom of expression. For that reason, we did not at any time oppose Ann Coulter’s appearance. Whether it is Ann Coulter or any other speaker, diverse views have always been and continue to be welcome on our campus.

Last night, the organizers themselves decided at 7:50 p.m. to cancel the event and so informed the University’s Protection Services staff on site. At that time, a crowd of about one thousand people had peacefully gathered at Marion Hall.

“Freedom of expression is a core value that the University of Ottawa has always promoted,” said Allan Rock, President of the University. “We have a long history of hosting contentious and controversial speakers on our campus. Last night was no exception, as people gathered here to listen to and debate Ann Coulter’s opinions.

I encourage our students, faculty and other members of our community to maintain our University as an open forum for diverse opinions. Ours is a safe and democratic environment for the expression of views, and we will keep it that way.”

Please note that this is the University of Ottawa’s official statement and no further comments will be issued.

Free speech and open discourse……

It would appear that conservative comedians named Coulter just aren’t that into either of them.


Original UofO linksource: Nottawa.