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S.1067 was seldom mentioned in the news when it passed in the Senate a few days ago. The healthcare reform debate has been such a contentious and tumultuous event that the mainstream media has taken to covering it almost non-stop. I love that the healthcare debates and discussion are under constant media coverage, however this prevents many news sources from covering some very important and unfortunately obscure bits of legislative good.

S.1067: The LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act. Ask someone what the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is and most people couldn’t tell you a lick of info. The Lord’s Resistance Army is a militia of child soldiers in Uganda. A man named Joseph Kony leads this army, and recruits his soldiers by abducting them from their homes at night. He gives them the option to kill others, or die by his hand. These child soldiers are known as "The Invisible Children."

The LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act will do the following (as quoted from Resolveuganda.org)

Stopping the LRA, by mandating President Obama to devise an interagency strategy to prevent LRA violence, which should include a multilateral plan to apprehend top LRA leaders, encourage defections of rebel commanders, demobilize child soldiers, and protect civilians from rebel attacks; and
Investing in sustainable peace, by targeting US assistance to recovery and reconciliation efforts in northern Uganda, which are essential to rebuilding and healing war-affected communities and preventing future conflicts.

Africa is a land of political corruption and instability. Uganda is certainly no exception. However, its hard to turn a blind-eye to well over 10,000 abducted children. I am happy that this bill has passed. It is not top priority in the United States obviously, but it will help start an effort to save lives and help these innocent children.

With all the scandals in Washington; with all the hackjobs, failed solutions, and constant bickering… its nice to see something like this as a shred of hope

Hopefully one day the discussion of Joseph Kony’s child soldiers and the LRA will be but a piece of abhorrent and terrible history, like the rein of Adolf Hitler.

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Chuckie Corra

Chuckie Corra

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