The Attorney Generals filing lawsuits have alleged that government has never mandated people buy insurance. That is false – look at Medicare.

I’ve also heard those Attorney Generals say that the government has never said they would send the IRS after people if they didn’t buy health insurance. That is also false – look at Medicare.

Medicare IS insurance that the government forces, mandates, us to “buy” via FICA. Even though we may never want to use Medicare – we are still forced to “buy” Medicare via FICA.

IF: any person refuses to pay their share of FICA
THEN: The IRS does, in deed, impose a penalty & interest on the person.
THEN: If the person continues to refuse to buy Medicare via FICA they are jailed.

The Attorney Generals filing suits know what I know. They also know that between Medicare Health Insurance mandate and the Commerce Clause their suits will be tossed out as frivolous – and naturally, the cost of those frivolous suits are at the expense of the taxpayer … tax dollars no one can afford to spend on frivolous lawsuits.

Some of those Attorney Generals are running for re-election and/or running for Governor of their state. It will be interesting to see if they fund-raise on the topic of filing those lawsuits. If they do, I wonder what the election laws are on using tax payer money to prop up your own political campaign fund-raising subject matter? hmm…. will the Attorney Generals be violating any fund-raising election laws?