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Last Sunday I wrote in the Cleveland Plain Dealer that "the bill that the President is proposing is a step in the wrong direction." On Monday, I took my first ride on Air Force One and I got to meet General James Jones. On Wednesday, I held I press conference to announce I was flipping my vote. On Sunday, I voted for the same bill that I had previously disparaged.

I am pleased to have played a role in helping to make this historic moment possible.

For we progressive Democrats caved in to prove to millions of Americans, yet again, that our promises mean nothing and that we are always willing to elevate the goals of others above our own. Even those of us, such as myself, who felt the bill should have gone farther stifled our concerns and came up with some B.S. excuse for why we were voting yes.

Now the DCCC wants me to write this letter. I could have refused, but I figured once you’ve sold out why not go whole hog. So I will henceforth refer to this bill as "great progress" and a "new beginning."

And of course our slow downward spiral depends upon your continued financial support. Please contribute before our critical B.S. deadline.

Thank you,

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Dennis J. Kucinich
United States Congressman

P.S. Requests for refunds should be directed to my Cleveland office, not the DCCC.