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What’s With The MSM On HCR?

Pups, I just don’t get it. Well, I DO get it, but I’m real confused about something.

And I’m likely confused because of the OVERWHELMING amount of nonsense and missense and sheer weight of the twisting and tearing of the truth WRT the HCR effort that is coming from all SORTS of media sources, including the blogs (FDL excepted), for that matter.

So, this post is to pose a question about just ONE of the articles I’ve seen, and this post asks you pups if this is in any way, shape or form, true?

Here’s the clip, the linky follows:

But the major changes – a mandate that most Americans obtain health insurance, a prohibition against insurers turning down adults for coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and the creation of a marketplace or purchasing pool to make it more affordable for people to buy insurance – won’t go into effect until 2014.

Here’s The Linky

Aside from the clip I posted, does the REST of that article speak to truth? Or am I just REALLY misunderstanding what starts when, and why?

Again, I ask for clarification from Pups because of the incredible and overwhelming tide of disinformation I’m seeing where ever I read . . . . and the versions of the truth are all different about the same points being discussed!!!

It must be IMPOSSIBLE for an average Joe or Jane to watch TV, listen to radio, read newspapers and online sources and have a CLUE as to what’s really happening!!!

Is this just a form of corporate centric ‘dazzle them with bullshit’ to purposefully obfuscate and confuse?

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