We have officially entered the twilight zone.

Democrats are actually celebrating a bill that enshrines the corrupt and parasitic private insurance system as the core model for health reform….

Democrats are justifying using women’s bodies and rights as bargaining chips as a legitimate and acceptable form of political negotiating.

Democrats are celebrating a bill that slashes tens of millions from Medicare.

Democrats are cheering a bill that stripped of previously included provisions addressing LGBT concerns, such as the taxation of employee partner benefits.

A bill that includes 50 MILLION dollars for abstinence only education and works against sane reproductive & sex education.


We are a people and a party without principle.

I am sorry, but there is no other way to say it. We are accepting this health industry profiteering act as some form of progess because they threw us a handful of crumbs.

Yes, there are good things in the bill. Every single of one of them could have passed under a smaller bill or individually introduced legislation.

This is wrong.

At a DEEP and CORE level…

They threw progressives under the bus, and really, why wouldn’t they?

They know we just keep coming back for more. Our support isn’t contigent upon representation, only some future promise.

The following links are the best I have found thus far documenting the truth of this legislation and the reality of the democratic party –

Please read them.

An attack on health care in the guise of reform –

Obama’s Hyde Amendment Compromise Makes an Undeserving Bart Stupak Into a Healthcare Hero

I have been covering this extensively on our facebook group and there are LOTS of relevant links in the lower left bottom page corner, if you are interested in reading more. Our pro-choice group is going to be launching a national campaign next week to roar back against the anti-choice movement and demand that ALL politicians be held to account for throwing women under the bus. If you are interested in participating in the campaign – join the facebook group and you will be sent an email when the website and video campaign launches next week.

I bet we can find a million people who SUPPORT a woman’s RIGHT to CHOOSE!