The Senate has just began consideration of the reconciliation “sidecar” bill, HR 4872, the “Heath Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010” (PDF). The bill is meant to fix some of the problems with the recently passed health care bill, and deal with student loan reform.

Democrats have foolishly decided to actively work against any attempt by a member of their caucus to improve the health care law by offering amendments to this bill. (That mantra that we must pass the bill now so we can “fix it later” is definitely not off to a great start.) Republicans, on the other hand, plan to raise multiple Byrd rule points of order, and offer several “poison pill” amendments in hope of derailing the bill. The debate is expected to last roughly four to five days, with a vote expected by week’s end.

I will not be “liveblogging” the Senate debate, but I will be watching and will make mention of any important developments here and in comments under this post.

3:10 pm – The Senate just adjourned. Super exciting. And is now back in session.

3:37 pm – The motion to proceed to debate on the reconciliation bill passed 56 to 40. The 20 hour debate clock started. (Reconciliation measures can’t be filibustered because debate is limited to only 20 hours.)

Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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