As Blue Texan reports in today’s Early Morning Swim, Keith Olbermann did another great job last night in taking apart the Teabaggers and with them the GOP that seeks – despite its denials – to co-opt that half-baked movement to their advantage.

But Keith’s not fooling me. Not this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe KO believes everything he says, I really do. But what’s happening here is much bigger than him, and it has been happening for too many years now.

By any measure within the context of where politics and governance currently stands in our country, Democrats won a crucial vote over the weekend. But it came at tremendous cost: Through a combination of poor leadership, perceived disingenuineness, provable backpedaling on crucial issues (such as choice) and absolute selling out of others (such as the public option) – all of it, as the debate reached its end, largely unquestioned and unreported by the MSM – they left disillusioned and disgusted (at least) a huge number of their supporters.

Indeed, in many cases – several of which were documented in user comments within diaries here at The Seminal yesterday – the Democrats’ poor effort in bringing America into the 21st Century in terms of its health care system pushed some party members into the ranks of the non-affiliated; party members who worked hard to get this president elected, and to win him the congressional majority he needed in order to bring about fundamental change.

So now, it’s time to reload – and that’s just what the MSM is doing. As it has for years which have become decades.

Health “reform” done, it’s time to refuel the left-right debate. To pull at the heartstrings of those who have previously pledged allegiance to one side – or the other – and whom this latest, and arguably lamest, debate has driven away in the belief that there must be another way.

There is, of course. But perpetuating the sham that is our two-party system, above all else, also perpetuates the “story” the media has become most adept – and therefore most profitable – at telling.

A real shift in the political landscape? That would be expensive to cover, because it would no longer be paintable as black or white. A real shift would require real reporting, because it would mean the people are out in front of the media for a change, and thinking for themselves – instead of taking their cues and getting their views from the corporatocracy.

You’ll see plenty of MSM “coverage” in the coming weeks which, if enough people buy into it, will only help perpetuatde the media’s comfortable status quo – and our country’s one-step-forward, two-steps-back political theater.

Here’s hoping you’re not for sale.

The Malcontent

Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel