W00t!  Bleckley County High School senior Derrick Martin can take his boyfriend to the prom! School officials in this small Georgia town of 5,200 gave the okay after a discussion during the school board meeting. Like any student whose date lives outside of the county, Derrick had to ask permission and have his date approved in advance. At first his principal Michelle Masters said no, but recanted, though her comment to Macon.com is telling

As a principal, I don’t judge him. I’m taught not to judge. I have to push my own beliefs to the background.

The school board was much more open. Charlotte Pipkin, the superintendent of schools, said:

Students are allowed to bring their date to prom. There’s nothing that says who the date is. I want this to be an enjoyable event, and I don’t want anything to take away from that.

The prom, which is the most anticipated event of the year for high school students, will have security.

Derrick, a honors student who tutors at-risk youth and came out in his sophomore year jokes that he is taking out insurance on his rented tux just in case things get a little tense. But overall he is optimistic:

It’s standing up for the rights thing, especially after the Mississippi canceled prom. It’s senior prom. It’s pretty big.

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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