The Pakistanis want it, oh baby, they want it — so good so good so good yeah.

The previously undisclosed document includes requests ranging from U.S. help to alleviate Pakistan’s chronic water and power shortages to pleas for surveillance aircraft and support in developing the country’s civilian nuclear program.

That is some foreign aid we can believe in. We’re asking the Pakistanis to do very dangerous things for us. Population-centricity and prosperity aren’t exclusively military concerns, and it’s kind of weird that they’re ever thought of as primarily military concerns, when you think about it. So let ’em get free electricity. Or at least let them get it for cheap, if I may mix my musical metaphors.

(A word on The Go. This Detroit band is so unjustly forgotten. Their first three records — the second one, Free Electricity, was never released, but thanks to my old friend Tanya Richardson, I got it baby I got it — are just absolutely amazing garage-rock with Detroit soul influences. That stuff was a bubble in the late 90s/early 00s, but of all the undeserving bands that made it, it’s a shame that The Go didn’t. True fact: their first rhythm guitarist was a young Jack White.)

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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